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Maxis Logo are in the list of telco plan to offer HTC One

Maxis - HTC One

While HTC press conference does not mention that Malaysia telco in the list that available HTC One availability, but during the regional launch of HTC One in Sydney earlier today, the Maxis logo pops up in presentation, it maybe are the first Malaysia telco plan to offer HTC One.

As shown in a screenshot above, the said telco is Maxis and here’s the actual clip:

However, the official information of the new HTC One through Maxis or any telco in Malaysia are still unclear. The Recommend Retail Price of the HTC One are set at RM 2,299 for those people that don't want sign-up for telco plan. The HTC One will be coming Malaysia at end of April this year, it still a long time to wait for it. Stay tuned.


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