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Huawei Emotion 3.0 UI leaks with flat look

It seems that Huawei next flagship device will be running on latest Android version with new Emotion UI on top. A few screenshots of the upcoming Huawei Emotion 3.0 UI have leaked with flat look.

As you can on the screenshots above, the upcoming Emotion 3.0 UI looks identical to Apple iOS 7, which has flat UI as well as redesigned icons.

It seems that the upcoming Emotion 3.0 UI will only available on Android L as the home button icon looks same as the stock one.

There's no word that which Huawei device will come with Emotion 3.0 UI, but it's hard to believe if the latest Emotion UI only available on Android L, giving that Android L is still under developer preview and Google hasn't provide the SDK to manufacturer.

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