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Google, Motorola push the "X Phone" can bend the screen?

Had when Google bought Motorola, many people optimistic there will Motorola manufacturing Nexus phone or tablet, but later did not; poor Motorola since Google bought down in order to save the loss after another out some performance the market, people can not help but suspect that Google bought Motorola is not really just to patent?

However, the Wall Street Journal reported recently, in fact, Google and Motorola are working together to develop a range of handheld devices, including smart phones and tablet, but they are not named Google last several generations of Nexus, but called "X Phone" and "X Tablet . "

 "X Phone" and "X Tablet" allegedly launched in 2013, this project is allegedly the main focus on "quality camera and take pictures of the user application" seems to be a high pixel models. Other hand, X Phone may be equipped with a flexible screen, as well as the use of ceramic materials; however did not specify this material is used in which parts. On the other hand, Motorola October once the acquisition of a company called Viewdle company, their images with gesture recognition technology, X Phone will be added to the inside. However, further X Phone X Tablet's information only here just to see a bendable screen, ceramic materials, we imagine the future of mobile, will appear in the next year then? Let us look forward to it.

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