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Official render of Sony Xperia SP appear

The Sony Xperia SP and L will be announced after 2 days (18th March). Today, after I check back for more information about the Xperia SP, and I found a official render of Xperia SP appeared 2 days ago.

Xperia SP M35h

The image above maybe will be the official press image of Xperia SP. As I know, most of the time that Sony Xperia line-up leaked will be true, this prove by few phone such as Xperia Z and ZL.

There' still no information about the image whether is official image or someone done it with good Photoshop job here. As the image above, you can saw that the Xperia SP will be having same signature power button from Xperia Z/ ZL, guess that upcoming Xperia product will be using same signature power button.

Just 2 days later then the Xperia SP and L will be announced, do stay tuned my blog for more information and also leave a comment if you got any question. Stay tuned.


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