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HTC One mini leaked, compared with the One

Previously we posted that the HTC Butterfly S and HTC One mini to have UltraPixel cameras. Today, the HTC One mini leaked and it also compared with the One.

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The HTC One mini shares many of the great features of HTC One such as full metal body, 4 MP UltraPixel camera, stereo speakers on the front and Beats Audio.

The HTC One mini will having a 4.3" 720p HD resolution which at 342 ppi, it is higher than the Galaxy S4 mini. The One mini will be powered by a dual-core processor which mostly like the Snapdragon chipset, we expected it will be Snapdragon 400 CPU as the Galaxy S4 mini used.

The One mini will having a 16 GB internal storage and it comes with 2 GB of RAM, it is more than the Galaxy S4 mini as it only has 1.5 GB of RAM. The One mini reportedly runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with updated Snese 5 UI.

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The HTC One mini is seems to be as wide as the One, but it will be shorter. Surprisingly, it appears thinner as normally the mini versions are usually thicker.

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According to Forte the HTC One mini will launch in August at the earliest and be priced around €400.

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So, the wars between HTC and Samsung will keep continue as the HTC One are still challenging the Galaxy S4. And now, it turns to the mini versions, the Galaxy S4 mini and HTC One mini. So, which will you choose? Will you go for Galaxy S4 mini as it is official or waiting for the HTC One mini goes official? Leave a comment.

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