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Rockmelt Browser retiring starts today, replace with new Rockmelt?

The Browser that based from Google Chrome browser Rockmelt Browser has just annouched on their own blog, users will no longer able to login to the RockMelt browser with their facebook, twitter or other social media.

We promised to notify you when we retire the Rockmelt Browser. The date has been set for July 31st at 10am PT. After that point in time, you will no longer be able to log into the Rockmelt Browser. Please take a moment to migrate your App Edge into the new Rockmelt experience by clicking here and signing in with the same Facebook credentials that you use for the Browser. Follow this link for details on exporting your bookmarks, passwords, and other goodies.
We appreciate all of your support.

Fortunely, the New RockMelt will be relese to replace the old Rockmelt Browser, the new rockmelt seems very refreshment and the interface looks quite beautiful. It is totally a new social netowrk likely Google Plus, but we are connecting facebook account to the Rockmelt, we also can find the friends who is entering Rockmelt. Not only Facebook, Twitter and Google plus account also allow you to login and starting experience the new RockMelt website.

At Google Play, we also able to download rockmelt app for your Android phones, the UI seems similar like the browser, but the functions it may looks like excally same from the other social network. It was a good starting for Rockmelt because the Rockmelt (maybe) connecting our mostly social networks together in a one place, it was a good move actually.

Because I don't like checking twitter and facebook, it takes time to login both website...

So, here is the Interface of one random post from ROCKMELT, you can simpily share photos from Rockmelt to other social networks including twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and others. Not only that, you also can #hashtag, Like, LOL, Want, AWW, WTF, HMM...
The photos is randomly grab from other website when you once clicking you wants to see cute content, news, designs, fashions, techologies and many more at your timeline, simpily you have your most beautiful thing daily to do, share your interst to affecting others =)

Alex Loo

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