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Photosynth? Photosphere for Android 4.3

It may similar like Windows Phone's Photosynth?

I am a windows phone fans, by the way I like this the idea. Photosphere is a camera app on Android 4.3 Jellybean OS featured a 360 panorama camera shooting, even capture around the area. It maybe similar like Google 3D street view feature but Photosphere allows you to capturing photos around the area you stand.

Same like Photosynth, Photosphere capture a full size resolution of 360 degree, and it allows users to viewing, zoom in and sharing details or the sence. Benifits of the panorama shot actually combining camera pixel to maximum, so (maybe) users can zooming in to see some details thought the panorama photos.

Here is the official demo video:

Photosphere is a feature for Android phones that allows you to create 360 degree panoramic shots using the camera on your Android handset. With Android 4.3 improving the feature and making it easier to upload your finished Photospheres to Google Maps so you can share them, it was time for a new video tutorial on how to make your panoramic shots come out looking great.

It might seem like something that intuitively you wouldn't do, but Google says that to capture the best Photospheres, you should hold the phone in potrait mode at eye level. You should also hold the phone as close to your body as possible. Rotate in a circle aligning each frame using the blue dot on the screen. The video suggests that you make four circles having the phone tilted upward on two and tilted downward on the other two. Press the photosphere button to see your picture pan automatically, or scroll using your finger.

source: YouTube via AndroidCentral

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