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IFA 2013 Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Today is the date, the IFA 2013 another mobility show is about to happening. What we are going to see, actually everyone is waiting the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

After the brilliant Phablet war, Samsung seems like not left behind. Galaxy Mega 6.3 seems like the biggest phone ever, but now we have a water-diving Sony Xperia Z ultra that has just released to the market. WE also we can see HTC ONE MAX another bigger size smartphone this year at IFA 2013.

Samsung galaxy Note series seems fired up, Galaxy Note 2 last year and Note 3 for this year. So what do we expected changes between this two device? Of course, we will be having 2 different processors, Snapdragon 800 for the 4G LTE connectivity area, and the Exynos 5 remapped with PowerVR GPU graphics.. maybe.

Screening not over 6 inch I expecting, 13MP camera with OIS, full HD video recording, and a lot of function camera that popular to see including Android 4.3 latest camera function photosphere.

live stream will be happening soon today, of course, it was 1AM GMT+08 Malaysia Time, and we will see how is the looks like the new Galaxy Note 3.

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