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Lenovo to replace most affortable smartphone market

credits: gsminsider
Lenovo is a computer manufacturer company, with the Android OS open source opportunity, Lenovo also have a taste of delicious huge cake of Mobility Industry. Well, what we actually see is Lenovo phone is a big computer manufacturer but smartphones, Lenovo seems not quite.

"According to Bloomberg, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said that they have seen the first wave of success in the Asian countries. He further said that “We provide affordable products for emerging markets. That’s very important. For those markets, the iPhone is probably not the best-selling product, Lenovo can be much more competitive.” "

Yes, Lenovo is starting to boost up their Ideaphone to all around the world but no chance at western area. But yet, Lenovo is a most affordable devices at Asian market. For a very common example: cheap price, quad-core processors, and dual-SIM. The phone we founded at quad-core with dual-SIM with other brands, not more than RM 2,500/$550 But Lenovo amazingly made a phone with quad-core and dual-SIM with around RM 999/$349, of course, the memory storage is cut.


With Lenovo ideaphone S920, personal use for Clash of Clans and reply some messages, Lenovo S920 is a nice phone to have it. the one of the reason is HD camera with 8 MP and 5.2" giant HD screen, quad-core processors and 1 GB RAM, actually is a nice phone to be. With the price of half RM 999, desirable design with thinner size and frame-less design. The software is complete with free games, free navigation offline app. The weather app, camera functional with boost shot and many more. It is actually almost complete like a flagship phone, and with the brand of the Lenovo, quality guaranteed better than other Chinese company.


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