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LG G Flex gets drop test treatment

The LG G Flex was well-known as curved display smartphone, its curved display is flexible unlike the Samsung Galaxy Round. So, will the curved display save the G Flex from the drop test? has done a drop test of the LG G Flex.

Disappointingly, the LG G Flex's screen cracked after the drop test. With the glass screen extending right to the side and lacking the protection of a frame, the G Flex couldn’t survive a direct impact, and the final face down fall only extended the damage.

Well it seems the self-healing back can only treat on some light scratches. After tested, fine scratches went away, the deep scuffs persisted, even after a few hours.

However, the LG G Flex is still able to use even the screen cracked, so it's not all bad about it. Will you still buy the curved display smartphone? Leave a comment let us know.


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