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New live photos of Xperia Z1s leak with more details

It's another day and another leak of the Xperia Z1s, it seems that the Xperia Z1s loves to stick with its bigger brother. Today, a bunch of live photos of Xperia Z1s next to the Xperia Z1 leaked.

The Xperia Z1s is said to launch in the first quarter of next year, there's also a possibility that the Xperia Z1s could launch in these few weeks. Price wise the Xperia Z1s is said to be at RMB 2,600 which is around RM 1,899.

The Xperia Z1s will have the same specs as its bigger brother despite the smaller 4.3" display with lower 720p resolution and smaller 2,300 mAh battery.

Stay tuned for more upcoming news of Xperia Z1s.

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