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Newkia to replace Nokia to make Android Phone?

In the acquisition agreement between Nokia and Microsoft, there was from Singapore, a senior Nokia employee stated that he is about to start a new company, Newkia. He believed that Nokia chose not to create Nokia Android phone is a mistake, and he will instead produce belonging to Nokia, The Newkia to produce Android phone:

In a statement released Wednesday, said Newkia, Karjalainen become shareholders of a corporation and a founding partner. Singkir President Thomas Zilliacus believes that, Karjalainen is the most accomplished move in Asia over the past 15 years, industry officials. He said: "under the leadership of Urpo, Asia became Nokia's largest and most profitable market. 
In September this year, Zilliacus told ZDNet that he plans in Singapore to form a Newkia, ready to use Nokia technology to manufacture Android phone. Zilliacus himself turns out to be Nokia's head of Asia-Pacific company, in his view, if Nokia Android route, rather than Windows, you should have a better fate.
Zilliacus were subsequently received several email Nokia employees, want to join Newkia. Zilliacus is Executive Chairman and founder of Mobile FutureWorks, and the company has a Newkia YuuZoo social network shares most of the electronic payment services company.
Zilliacus said: "I think that Newkia has a huge opportunity in the current market, I was very excited to participate in forming a Newkia. Our team being formed will bring the best technology and the best quality phone. 
Karjalainen was BlackBerry India, China, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand heads of business units. Before entering the BlackBerry, Karjalainen, Nokia worked for more than 20 years and previously served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Nokia China, Nokia Asia-Pacific Vice President of strategic marketing, Vice President of Nokia's mobile phone sales.


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