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Ninetology U9X1 vs HTC One: Cheapo vs Legend

Phone had been a very important device in our live since Nokia brought the 3310. It started the popularity of text messages. But years after years, Apple brought out the original iPhone and it claims that the world first capacitive touch screen mobile device. Since then, many consumer scrolling around with their iPhone and made many manufacture had their jaw on the ground. Months later, other manufactures started to copy the technology and put in their flagship device. Until today, every manufacture had their own flagship device which brings out a question and that is "Can the entry level device compare side by side with the Flagship device ?" And today, we will give you the answer. This is the comparison between the HTC One and the Ninetology U9X1.

  • Aluminium VS Plastic
  • 4 Ultra-Pixel camera VS 13 mega-pixel camera
  • Quad-core 1.7 GHz  VS Quad-core 1.2 GHz
  • 2300 mAH VS 2200 mAH
  • 2 GB RAM VS 1 GB RAM
  • 4.7 inches 1920 x 1080 VS 4.8 Super AMOLED 720 x 1280 HD
These are the major part when you looking the device side by and I will share about my thought whether that is a choice you want to go with.

First, the sexy aluminium or the super cheap plastic ? Well, the quality of the phone is just the beauty of the device and doesn't affect the performance. Just like Miley Cyrus wearing a hot and sexy costume during the show but her performance still not that good. So the aluminium is just a sense of high quality, doesn't mean that it is better in performance. The plastic body of the Ninetology U9X1 is just ordinary plastic nothing really stand out about the build quality. If you want to get premium, why not just buy a gold bar and hang it around your neck ?

Second, the low light 4 Ultra-Pixel monster or the delicious detail 13 mega-pixel ? Well, the HTC One has the ability to capture more light while not to suffer in the night. But it also lost some of the detail while you crop it down. The Ninetology U9X1 is in different story. It capture superb detail that let you crop quite a lot without losing any resolution. But it suffers a whole lot in low light and the digital noise is very strong. There is absolutely no phone out there has the best camera. If you want the best of both world, why don't you consider a DSLR ?

Next, the performance. The HTC One has a cheetah inside. It is one of the best performance smartphone on the market right now. It can handle those intense graphic game smoothly without any pain in the ass. The Ninetology U9X1 is a little bit different in the game. Although it does not has the a fancy chip inside, it still capable to run some game but not those with intense graphic. If you want to buy a phone just for gaming, you probably wasting your money, go get a gaming console instead.

Then, the battery life. Although the HTC One has a larger battery capacity than the Ninetology U9X1, personally I experience a better battery life in the Ninetology U9X1. Maybe because the HTC One has a Full HD display that need more steroid to full fill the desire of the screen. The Ninetology U9X1 really done a great job in battery performance. I tried to drain the battery life of the Ninetology U9X1 as much as I can in a day but I failed.

The culture of multitasking has seamlessly flow to our daily life. Months ago a whole bunch of manufacture release their flagship device with a 2 GB RAM and it never ends. The HTC One also has a 2 GB RAM which give you a much better experience in multitasking. It is a great thing isn't ? But can a 1 GB of RAM perform in multitasking smoothly ? The short answer is "yes". I don't really experience any lagging or irresponsive gesture while I have a bunch of application running in the background on my Ninetology U9X1. Somehow, it will still lag sometime when I open a few RAM eating application. But from day to day usage, you can't really tell the amount of RAM of the device have from the multitasking performance. 

Both of them have a similar screen size but the resolution is a hinge different. The HTC One has a Full HD display that give you the capability to unlock a whole new world of possibility to HDness. It has the most beautiful display that I ever seen on a mobile device. The colour contrast is great, the sharpness is brilliant, everything about the screen just blows out your mind. When comes to the Ninetology U9X1, the display is a little too yellowish. Maybe it has a Super AMOLED display that act as one of the characteristic of it. It has a HD display that also perfect for almost everything. You can't really see individual pixel on it unless you view it under the microscope. The display is still nice and the only thing you will complaint about it is just the colour balance ?

So at the end of the day, which device will you pick up for ? The HTC One or the Ninetology U9X1 ? Well it depends which one you more care about. Whether you want to care about the fancy aluminium and the performance or you want to care about your wallet. The HTC One cost you RM 2,199 while the Ninetology U9X1 only cost you RM 1,099. If I have a bunch of money and don't know where to spend on, I will definitely go for the HTC One. If I'm in a tight budget and wondering whether I've got money to spend for lunch, I will go for the Ninetology U9X1. 

written by Joseph Lim

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