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Apple iOS 7.1 update now available in Malaysia

Apple has released the iOS 7.1 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The update is now available to Malaysian users now.

The user interface changes are including tweaks to the phone dialer and the power off area. Additionally, the accept and decline buttons in the incoming call have also been tweaked, along with the repeat and shuffle icons in the Music player.

User can also now disable the parallax effect when selecting a custom image for a wallpaper. There are additional minor improvements to the keyboard with the delete and shift keys coming out more prominent now.

Previously users have also complaint about the random reboots bug, Apple has fixed the bug through this update too. Another new feature from the iOS 7.1 update is CarPlay feature, which allows you to access your phone through your car via voice commands. Siri is at the core of this feature and allows drivers to dictate messages or manage their music without ever touching their iPhone.

Apple has also updated the iTunes Radio in iOS 7.1 update. The updated iTunes Radio features station search, quickly create stations based on previous searches as well as quick iTunes Match subscription directly from the phone.

Have you updated to iOS 7.1? Leave a comment to tell us how was it.

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