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LG G Flex Android 4.4 update will support 4K video recording

The LG G Flex has just won iF Design Awards along with over 74 other products this year, and here's another good news for the G Flex users, the LG G Flex Android 4.4 update might also include 4K video recording support.

According to, the handset will be able to support 4K video with the upcoming Android 4.4 update. This is backed up by a User Agent profile that shows the 6" device offering 2160p video. However the G Flex won't getting 120 fps slow motion video recording with this update.

Although there's a mod from an XDA member that allows an LG G2 running stock Android 4.4, to shoot both 4K video and 120 fps slow motion. However according to the latest news it won't get the 120 fps slow-mo video treatment like the G2. The 4K video feature for the LG G Flex will not require you to do anything but update the phone to Android 4.4.


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