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Oppo, not just an Android-powered smartphone

Five Star Red Flag goes international, with the leading company Lenovo with the cheapest high end specs, everyone likes Lenovo. MIUI smartphone XiaoMi also goes unique UI to attract some consumers too. By the way, Chinese company actually not likely bad as we thought, even our head of the smartphone, it also made from this great country. There is a company that wish to have a pancake in Malaysia, OPPO.

Oppo Electronics was a high technology company that produces Blu-ray player, DVD players. This company has gone worldwide including Oppo Thailand, Oppo Indonesia, Oppo Vietnam, and Oppo China. Oppo Digital INC. at California in 2004, has produced their first Oppo OPDV971H Up-Converting Universal DVD Player.

It is likely Oppo originals from California, But it actually from Guangdong China. When you see it, Oppo's first smartphone product Oppo R601, seems like just another Android smartphone. But with the short period of time, Oppo made a great phone like Oppo N1, Just in 2 years. Oppo's mobile business seems like going seriously grow up, within 2 months after Oppo infrared Mobile Stores, everyone is heated up to introducing Oppo smartphone. When you hear of a smartphone with Nail, maybe not only Nokia or HTC, Oppo Find series also nailed it.

By the way, the latest model - Oppo N1 and the Oppo R1, the smartphone designs seems like an iron side bar design that feels like unbreakable, the salesman also said, Oppo N1 is hard enough to handle dropping from the corners of the phone, well said it in a simple word: It didn't feel like a plastic, but a iron phone.

Oppo, not just an Android smartphone, because it has a new feature that we never seen before. When you are experienced Oppo N1, it was a unique phone with a rotating camera, which is 13 MP with dual-LED flash as a main camera, and it also able to use as a self photograph camera, video chat camera just with a twist. Not only that, Oppo N1 also has a touch panel at the back of the smartphone, so we can scroll up and down by using the rear touch panel.

Oppo N1 also comes with O Click, it is actually a wireless button that allows you to photograph setup a huge group, by pressing the button, you can take a group photo easily, plus with a rotating camera, you can make a group selfie at long range with remote button, snap photo easier. Forget about smile shot and count down camera, Oppo N1 nailed it.

The Oppo N1 is available now at RM 1,789, very fast very soon available at all around the shopping mall in Malaysia.

Have a Oppo yet?

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