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Asus ZenFone will be getting LTE version

The Asus ZenFone series is a remarkable change from Asus with the brand new ZenUI, however none of the ZenFone smartphone comes with LTE connectivity due to the limitation of Intel processor. It seems that Asus is working on the LTE version for the ZenFone series, though we do not have much info on which ZenFone smartphone will get the LTE version, but it is likely to be the ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 6.

Our insider has told us that Asus is now experimenting the new ZenFone smartphone with LTE connectivity and it will not using Intel Atom processor that found on current ZenFone smartphones but a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC.

Additionally, our insider has also stated that the Asus is also experimenting the new ZenFone with different screen size such as 5.5".

Can we see the new ZenFone smartphone debuts in Computex 2014 that happening in Taiwan next month? Meanwhile, Asus Malaysia reps has told us that the ZenFone 5 will arrive Malaysia before mid-June as they are still finalizing whether bring 1 GB RAM version or 2 GB RAM version to Malaysia with the price tag of RM 599, while the ZenFone 6 is expected to arrive by the end of June.

If you're looking on affordable device, the ZenFone 4 is a good choice as it is now available in Malaysia for only RM 299, which is currently the only ZenFone smartphone that available in Malaysia.

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