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OnePlus to bring the One to Malaysian market officially

The OnePlus One has been popular for quite a while since it launched. It has generated tremendous interest in Malaysia, not officially available in Malaysia though. However, it seems that Malaysian will no longer can purchase the One through grey import, but official stock from OnePlus.

OnePlus has announced that they are working hard to add Malaysia to their official list of countries. They are seeking a leader with proven track record in marketing, branding and operations to build and lead a successful OnePlus team in Malaysia.

The leader will act as OnePlus ambassador, product and brand evangelist, and the main contact point for the customers in Malaysia. The right candidate will have in-depth knowledge on the social and cultural dynamics of local market and possess the ability to see issues before they arise. In this position, the leader will also serve as a knowledge resource for the latest trends and consumer technologies in Malaysia.

It seems that OnePlus really putting effort on Malaysian market, and it is definitely a good news. For more information about the job, head over to the source link below.

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