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Lenovo Sisley shows off Apple inspired design

Lenovo has been hard at work at a new smartphone called the Sisley, which some photos showing it off have been leaked online. The phone as a whole seems to be channeling Apple as it looks very reminiscent of the iPhone 6.

According to the source of the leaks, the Sisley is a mere 6.9 mm thick. Which also just happens to be the thickness of the iPhone 6. However one difference is that while Apple had placed plastics inlays all over the back of the phone in order to get the attennas to work. Lenovo has taken this design and added their own twist by moving them to the top. This in effect gives it a more pleasing aesthetic a straight line along a sloped edge made the phone look conflicted. The non-protruding rear camera is also a nice change.

The specifications of the Sisley are unconfirmed as of writing. The display has been rumored to be 5'' with 720p resolution. The front camera is alleged to be a 13 MP with in built LED flash while the rear camera is said to be 8 MP. Details about the processor, RAM and battery are unknown.

We are unsure if the Lenovo Sisley would be made available outside of its home market in China. What will be intriguing however is how Apple would react to the existence of the Sisley. Seeing as they have legally threatened alleged copycat efforts in the past.

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