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Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus coming to 36 more countries

The Apple iPhone 6 and Plus are continuing its release with 36 more countries adding to the first 22 in its 2 waves of availability.

Countries who are scheduled to get the iPhone 6 pair are India and China on the 17th of October, Israel on the 23rd, the Czech Republic, Poland and South Africa(among others) would get the newest iPhone on the 24th.

The biggest release date is going to be on Halloween day otherwise known as October 31st and will be released in 23 countries: Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Guam, Hungary, Iceland, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macau, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, South Korea, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Thailand. Sadly, Malaysia is not included.

By the end of october, the newest generation of iPhones would be available in 69 countries with Apple still on track to release the iPhone in a total of 115 countries by the end of 2014.

Should that eventuate, this would make the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the quickest iPhone launch in history.


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