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Rumours of Blackberry acquisition by Lenovo surface

According to a new report, Lenovo might make a bid to acquire Blackberry some point this week. The troubled Canadian manufacturer has been showing signs of a comeback in recent weeks.

Allegedly, Lenovo is willing to pay somewhere in the region of  $15-$18 for each Blackberry share. The latter's price is roughly around the $10 range for each share. In a move that surprised no one, neither Blackberry nor Lenovo have commented on the accuracy of the report.

Should this deal eventuate, this would turn out to be another high-profile acquisition for the Chinese Tech giant. Lenovo is already said to be close to wrapping up a deal to purchase Motorola in the near future.

The addition of this rumour making its way through the gossip channels has made it a really interesting week for Lenovo and it's smartphone business. Last week, Lenovo had announced that it will be launching a new brand of mobile devices to rival the likes of Xiaomi with an internet-based business model.

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