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iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 released in Malaysia

The latest iterations of the iPad Air and iPad Mini are now ready for purchase at Apple's online store. The products have been listed over the weekend and shipping would take around 2-4 business days.

The 6.1 mm iPad Air 2 is priced from RM 1599 while the more compact 7.0'' iPad Mini 3 is priced from RM 1,279.

So, as a whole there are 5 different iPad models to choose from and their predecessors are now cheaper than ever. The original iPad Mini (without Retina Display) has had its price slashed to a really affordable RM 799 for its baseline 16 GB Wi-Fi model.

In terms of specs, the iPad Air 2 is a new revolution with the brand new triple-core A8X chip that comes alongside 2 GB of RAM. According to some tests, the iPad Air 2 is capable of offering up to 55% better performance than the new iPhone 6 so think about how powerful is that. As the iPad Air 2 is a mere 6.1 mm thick, its onboard battery has been reduced from 8,827 mAh to 7,340 mAh but amazingly despite that it still is able to deliver its much lauded 10 hour battery life.

On the other hand, the iPad Mini 3 is basically almost an exact replica of its predecessor, the iPad Mini 2 aka the iPad Mini with Retina Display. The device still runs on the tried and tested A7 chip that's found on the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and the iPhone 5S. Long story short, the only difference the iPad Mini 3 has from its older brother is the inclusion of TouchID functionality and a Gold colour scheme. My advice is that if you're not exactly foaming at the mouth just for TouchID, you should go for the iPad Mini 2 to save yourself some money.


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