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U Mobile Free Streaming Promotions

U Mobile, one of the malaysian telco introduced free streaming service for YouTube and Tonton two months ago. But for now, U Mobile subscribers can also enjoy free music streaming as well  on Kkbox, Era FM, Hitz.FM and MY FM. This promotion will start from now until 15 May 2015 and its available automatically to all new and existing U Mobile prepaid UMI, postpaid and even broadband subscribers.

However the catch is free video streaming on U Mobile is only available daily from 2am to 10am. Data quota will not be affected when watching videos on YouTube or Tonton but there is a daily renewable of 500 MB limit each day. After exceeding that limit, your browsing speed will be throttled to 512 kbps.

For free music streaming, subscribers are allowed to stream for free when tune in to Kkbox, MY FM, Era FM, Hitz.FM for 24/7. However, the connection speed will be limited to 512 kbps (DL) and 256 kbps (UL). On the other hand, U Mobile subscribers are given free upgrade to premium version of Kkbox. The free premium version will last until January 2015 (exact date not given), after that, you will be downgraded to a free edition.

For more info, visit U Mobile now.


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