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3 new U Mobile #getclever UMI prepaid plan to be announced

If you're interested in U Mobile you might want to know that new Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) prepaid plan to be launched tomorrow.

According to Malaysian Wireless, customers will be able to enjoy the new UMI prepaid plan called #getclever as the following:
• Even More Internet: 50% more than Others
• 5 sen calls to all network: Lower than competitors’ Friends & Family rate
• New Free Call: All Day, Everyday Free Call to ALL U Mobile

The three new UMI Plans are UMI 20, UMI 30 and UMI 50:

With the launch of these UMI prepaid plans, U Mobile now offers 4 UMI plans, they are UMI 20, 30, 38 and 50. The internal document reveals that U Mobile will discontinue the older UMI 18, 28 and 48 plans, except for the UMI 38. Users could still keep the old UMI plans (UMI 18, 28, 48) for as long as auto-renewal are successful, till further notice.
However, these new plans are not confirmed at the moment so we should be able to know as they expected to be unveil tomorrow afternoon.

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