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HTC One (M8) unlocked and Dev edition getting Lollipop update

On the back of HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition receiving its Lollipop update last month, two more versions of the company's flagship smartphone last year are now in the process of getting its software updated. The two versions in question are the One (M8)  Developer edition as well as those that have been sold unlocked without a carrier contract.

As always, the update would be coming to them over-the-air. It would also probably take a few days for the update to make it to all devices, as is customary as such rollouts are usually staggered.

This will nevertheless come as good news for owners of these two iterations of the One (M8). Naturally, those carrier customized models would follow in getting the update but when that happens is up to the individual carriers. HTC has already received the 'TA'(technical acceptance) from Google, but for carrier versions those companies need to approve it as well.

Should you own an unlocked or a Dev version of the One (M8), then make sure to check for updates as you might be in for a pleasant surprise. After applying the Lollipop update,  you would be running build 4.16.1540.8. The download takes 500 MB of memory.


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