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Companion app for Apple's new iWatch gets detailed

Some new information regarding the companion app for Apple's upcoming iWatch have been making the cyber rounds. Although it is still in the prototype stage, the app allows users to customize the wearable's settings from the user's smartphone.

The iOS app sheds some light on some Apple Watch settings and features available on the user's smartphone. The features range from customization options, clock functionality and notifications to accessibility and motion settings.

Customization will undoubtedly be an important part of the Apple Watch. Users will be able to arrange the app placement to their liking.

A feature called Monogram allows Apple Watch users to be able to have their initials on the face of the wearable, a stylistic option to be frank.

Handling of messages would take place through voice transcribing or actual audio. Users would be able to disable the read receipts on the Apple Watch just as they would be able to do on other Apple devices.

The Map functionality on the wearable will utilize the Tactic Engine, which will signal the user when it comes time to make a turn. This feature could be turned off if so desired.

Accessibility options on the Watch will be expected to be as extensive as the rest of the company's products. The same is said for the activity and motion settings.

Lastly, the 'About' screen on the Apple Watch will provide important information about the device such as storage capacity, the amount of multimedia files on it, as well as its serial number and number of apps installed.

The Apple Watch is due to be released in March this year. It will remain to be seen by the industry if the Apple Watch is able to live up to its hype.


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