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5 Reasons why Apple MacBook costs more than ASUS ZenBook UX305

So ASUS has launched the ZenBook UX305 in Malaysia two days ago and is now available in Malaysia from RM 2,399. During the event, the company compared it with Apple's new MacBook. Not only thinner than it, but packs almost same specs in the town with just about half of the price.

The question is, why the MacBook costs almost double of the ZenBook UX305? Well here's why:
1. Higher Screen Resolution

First, the Apple MacBook features a 12-inch Retina Display with the resolution of 2,304 x 1,440, while the ZenBook UX305 only has a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) IPS display despite having 13.3-inch screen size.

2. Trackpad with Force Touch

We all know that Apple trackpad is the best, with its gesture and multi-touch ability, Apple has told everyone that you don't need touchscreen on your laptop. The new MacBook, features the all-new Force Touch trackpad that brings a new dimension of interactivity to the Mac. The new trackpad features built-in force sensors that allow you to click anywhere and haptic feedback that provides a responsive and uniform feel. You can even customize the feel of the trackpad by changing the amount of pressure needed to register each click. The Force Touch trackpad also enables a new gesture called Force Click, a click followed by a deeper press, for tasks like pulling up the definition of a word, quickly seeing a map or glancing at a preview of a file. For now, none of the Windows devices have it.

3. Keyboard with Butterfly Mechanism

While everyone is still using keyboard with scissor mechanism, the new MacBook new keyboard is 34 percent thinner and uses an Apple-designed butterfly mechanism that is 40 percent thinner than a traditional keyboard scissor mechanism yet four times more stable, providing greater precision no matter where your finger strikes the key. New stainless steel dome switches located beneath each key deliver a crisp and responsive feel when typing, and every key on the new keyboard is individually backlit with its own single LED to deliver precisely calibrated, uniform brightness behind each keycap. You can't actually see a Windows device using this keyboard now.

4. Mac OS vs Windows 8.1

For me, Mac OS actually far better than Windows. Windows XP and Windows 7 were kind of successful operating system from Microsoft. But starting from Windows 8, there are a few features which user actually don't use. And it's complicated as some applications only shown in Windows 8 mode, while some shown in desktop mode. Mac OS keeps things simple and it's efficient, though there will be some bugs appear in certain update, but Apple is quick to fix it with software update. And of course, if you don't feel like using Mac OS, you can purchase Boot Camp to run Windows OS on your Mac.

5. If Those Reasons Above Aren't Reasons, The Best Reason...

If you feel that the 4 reasons above aren't the good reasons, here's the best reason why Apple MacBook costs more than ASUS ZenBook UX305. And the reason is...
Dude, It's Apple!!!
Yes! This is simply just the reason why Apple MacBook costs more than ASUS ZenBook UX305. I'm not mocking Apple, but it's true that Apple always selling their products at very high price. Two years ago, Apple has broke the tradition to announce two iPhones - iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Just when everyone is expecting iPhone 5c to cost around RM 1.5k, Apple sold it for nearly RM 2k.

And ASUS answers Apple with these:

If the new MacBook (256 GB + 8 GB RAM) costs RM 4,499, you can get the ZenBook UX305 (Intel Core M 5Y71 + 256 GB) for RM 2,999.

And Microsoft Office 365 for RM 189.

And ASUS Gaming Headset for RM 549.

And ASUS ROG Gaming Mouse for RM 279.

And many, many, many Apples! Because an apple a day, keep the doctor away.

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