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OPPO Malaysia will not raise the prices after GST

As GST will be effective from 1st April, many companies have raised the pricing of their products. However, no for OPPO Malaysia. OPPO Malaysia has stated that the company will absorb GST, which means the prices of OPPO smartphones won't be increased.

It's a good news for those who are interested on OPPO product. "We take to heart on how consumers will be more concerning and considering on their spending and expenses. This is the reason why we rather absorb the 6% GST for consumers, where we earn less and give back to OPPO smartphone users as part of the company's commitment to support the cause", said William Fang, CEO OPPO Malaysia.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the company's first anniversary in Malaysia, the company will offer a few rewards to their loyal fans.

First offer to the customers would be for those purchased the OPPO R5 and RIL in the month of April, to be gifted with an iLIKE Ultra-Thin design PV leather powerbank. The powerbank weighs 89 grams only and is available in blue and pink colors.

OPPO fans who purchased the Find 7 will receive original leather phone cover, worth RM 98. Additionally, every purchase of OPPO Joy or Neo 5 will be given an extended half year warranty, which will be one year and six months of warranty in total. All rewards shall valid until 30th April.

Meanwhile, OPPO Malaysia will reduce the price of R5 from RM 1,798 to RM 1,598. This price is only applicable for silver, white and grey colors except Limited Edition Gilded R5 which will remain the actual price of RM 1,798.

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