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Samsung to launch S3 dedicated 3000mAh battery pack

3,000 mAh battery pack battery capacity upgrade, Samsung launched S3 dedicated power has always been one smartphone users are most afraid of things encountered Seeing launched later Note 2 equipped with a 3,100 mAh battery, in the popular market performance of endurance praise, of course, cause many S3 users jealous, hope their phones like Note 2 lasting performance. Samsung seem to hear the views of the user, the first to be launched in the UK a S3 dedicated high-capacity battery pack, the battery capacity of up to 3,000 mAh full 900mAh, users will be able to provide more nearly 43% battery life performance, durability enhance S3 endurance.

After all, the original battery mounting space can not accommodate such a large battery capacity, this S3 dedicated battery pack contents in addition to the high capacity battery, but also contains a dedicated back cover of a mating large capacity battery and equipped with NFC capabilities . One can imagine, When a user installs the appearance of their phone compared to the original battery cover, there will be increase in the thickness of the part, so they will have to remind you, if you have previously purchase many dedicated peripheral protection accessories , it is likely to encounter put on can not be used in the large-capacity battery cover Oh. This high capacity battery pack 

There are currently blue, white, and has started selling in the UK Mobile Fun website, the price is $ 64.99. The S3 is dedicated of 3,000 mAh battery pack message has not yet listed in Malaysia, but the needs of friends may wish to put forward to discuss S2, based on past experience, the sudden silence in Malaysia started selling the original high-capacity battery pack is not without the possible.


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