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LG Nexus 4 16GB priced at RM 1,649, DiGi offer plan for it

 We finally get Nexus 4 retailing price, the Nexus 4 will be priced at RM1649 and it's cheaper than what we expect (RM1799). The Nexus 4 is now available pre-order at DiGi through their online store. It goes for as low as RM1499 with a single option of DG Smart Plan 88 on 24 months contract.

The new Smart Plan 88 now comes with 8GB data instead of 5GB in conjunction with its Jualan Internet Promo. In the first 6 months, there’s an extra rebate of RM30/month followed by the next 18 months with RM25/month rebate which calculates to additional RM630 savings. That’s inclusive of the RM5/month rebate if you opt for auto-billing. The sign-up for Nexus 4 does not require any advance payment but you would still need to pay 1 month subscription of RM63/month during sign-up. Those that pre-order now will have their units delivered directly by next week.

For more information, please visit DiGi Nexus 4 pages.


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Sony Xperia T2 Ultra
Single SIM, 6.0”, Android Jelly Bean 4.3, Quad-core 1.4 GHz, 13 MP Rp 2.750,000
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Single SIM, 4.3”, Android Jelly Bean 4.3, Quad-core 2.2 GHz, 20.7 MP Rp2.650.000
Sony Xperia Z1
Single SIM, 5.0”, Android Jelly Bean 4.2, Quad-core 2.2 GHz, 20.7 M Rp 2.350.000
Sony Xperia Z1 Ultra
Single SIM, 6.4”, Android Jelly Bean 4.2, Quad-core 2.2 GHz, 8 MP Rp 1.950.000
Sony Xperia C
Single SIM, 5.0”, Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, Quad-core 1.2 GHz, 8 MP Rp 1.25.000
Sony Xperia M
Dual SIM, 4.0”, Android Jelly Bean 4.1, Dual-core 1 GHz, 5 MP Rp 1 Rp 1.450.000
Sony Xperia Z
Single SIM, 5.0”, Android Jelly Bean 4.1, Quad-core 1.5 GHz, 13 MP Rp1.600.000
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