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Samsung Galaxy S IV user interface leak

S 4 Leak 6

It leaked again, this time, the Samsung Galaxy S IV user interface have leaked with few screenshots. The screenshot revealed that the S IV will be having a 13MP camera, 5" Full HD display, 2GB of RAM and this time it is report powered by 1.8GHz quad-core processor but not 8 cores.

S 4 Leak 1 S 4 Leak 2

From the screenshots above, you can see that the S IV will be running on new TochWiz UI with a better look. The screenshots below also reiterate the Smart Scroll function that will let you scroll up and down a page with an eye movement only, as well as Smart Pause, which will freeze the video you are currently watching if you move your sight away from the display for a moment. All sounds pretty interesting, and the only thing left now is for someone to leak the actual design.

S 4 Leak 3 S 4 Leak 4 S 4 Leak 5 S 4 Leak 2 1 S 4 Leak 2 4 S 4 Leak 2 2

The screenshots above also unveiled that the S IV will come with several new features including the Smart Scroll, Smart Rotation and Smart Pause. Smart Scroll will track where you’re looking at on the screen and scroll if you’re looking at the bottom of the display. From the screenshots, it looks like the feature will work on a few apps including Chrome, Gmail and the Email client.

The next two features also relies heavily on eye-tracking technology – Smart Rotation will only rotate the screen depending on your angle of sight, while Smart Pause will automatically pause a movie when it detects that you are not looking at the screen.

The Galaxy S IV will be unveil at 14th March, so stay tuned for more news about it.

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