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[Google I/O 2013] Google announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition

As the Google I/O 2013 developer conference started today, Google doesn't announced any new Nexus devices, but Google does announced Samsung Galaxy S4 with full Nexus experience.

Just as the rumored, the phone will be not having any TouchWiz modification, it will only running pure Nexus stock Android user interface. It will be selling directly through Google Play and it will enjoy the first Android updates just like all Nexus devices. Also, it will have an unlocked bootloader for that extra flexibility.

The Google edition of Galaxy S4 will be selling in U.S starting from June 26 for unlocked version priced at $649 (below RM 2,000), it will work on AT&T and T-Mobile U.S LTE network.
So far we do not know any changes in specs, we think that Samsung "smart" features designed by Samsung will be gone along with TouchWiz.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Google edition of Galaxy S4 will not be available in Malaysia. Hopefully it will be coming to Malaysia with the price below RM 2,000.

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