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Older iDevices would not getting all features from iOS 7

The announcement of iOS 7 makes many iOS users happy and excited. However, there's a bad news telling that not all iOS 7 features will be available to older iDevices.

As you can see, the iPad 2 has the fewest supported features, it only getting iTunes Radio which not important for some users. The iPhone 4 will be getting iTunes Radio, Square photos and Photo filters. Next, iPhone 4S will be working withou Air Drop and Camera filters.

For iPads, none of it will be getting Panorama shooting modes. The most fortunate is iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4), it is getting all iOS 7 features except for Panorama shooting modes. The good news is, iPod touch 5th generation and iPhone 5 will be getting all iOS 7 features.
We think that it is because the processor speed affect the result of some older iDevices not getting some cool features that iOS 7 have.

The iOS 7 will be available in Q3 2013 and we'll keep update more information about iOS 7 and Apple product. Stay tuned.

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