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Here's the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 drop test has did a drop test of the Galaxy Note 3. As you know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a huge device, users got higher chance to drop the phone that the other smaller devices. As expected, the Galaxy Note 3 screen has cracked after the drop test.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 drop test aa 8

The Galaxy Note 3 didn’t make it through. But the silver lining is the device remained in one piece, and even better, the display underneath the shattered screen didn’t break. If it’s any consolation, that means you might be able to use the phone until you can replace the screen.

Here's the video of the drop test:

Although the Galaxy Note 3 has a slim body, but the huge screen can be cracked easily after a few times you drop the phone, or maybe once. So you should want to invest in a good protective case for your device.

To view more photos of the Galaxy Note 3 after the drop test, do visit the source link below.


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