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Apple iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s pricing leak

We all know that the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s will hit our shores on 31st of October and all three major local telcos as well as several Apple resellers have already started their teasers and registration of interests. However, the pricing of both iPhones are still unknown, all we have to do is just wait for 2 weeks until the official launch event of both iPhones in Malaysia and the pricing will reveal on that day.

Before that, it seems that Malaysian Wireless has got some insider information about the pricing of both iPhones.


The iPhone 5c will be price at RM 1,899 for 16 GB version, while the iPhone 5s will price at RM 2,299 for 16 GB, RM 2,599 for 32 GB and RM 2,899 for 64 GB. The pricing of the iPhone 5s is slightly higher than past few years iPhone starting price (RM  2,199).

The iPhone 5s and 5c launch in Malaysia this year may not be as exciting as the years before. There won’t be the usual “midnight launch”. Telcos such as Celcom is planning for a launch event during the day, on 31st October. Maxis is still deciding on the launch (its a new management and a new devices team) while DiGi will focus at their online store to drive the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales. Despite all these, its high likely that all 3 telcos might do a launch event.

According to Malaysian Wireless, they think Apple has overpriced the iPhone 5C in Malaysia, thus the reason why they did not reveal the iPhone 5C 32GB pricing (because they did not ask). Its not just Malaysia, Apple appears to be making the same pricing mistake in other countries, raising concerns about demand for the iPhone 5c (C does not stand for Cheap).

Noted that the pricing is still not the final pricing, so think might be change on the launch event.



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