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Nokia is working on low-cost Android device - Normandy

According to The Verge, a mysterious Nokia Normandy reportedly to be an Android device. The Nokia Normandy previously is said to be developed as an equivalent to the low-cost Nokia Asha range.

The Nokia Normandy will run on modified Android version, just like the Amazon Kindle Fire range. The OS will allow the handset to run on Android apps.

At first the Nokia Normandy looks like the Windows Phone Lumia line-up, but it does not have the three Windows Phone navigation keys instead of the back key, which is pretty similar to the Nokia Asha line-up.

Previously evleaks did not mention that the handset is the Android device, but when looking at the design the Normandy might be the modified Android device just as we said.

No word on the launch date of the device. We guess Nokia will make the device official next year.


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