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Microsoft to pay hardware partnership sponsors to develop Windows Phone

After the end of Nokia saga, the world smartphone has split to three. The most biggest cover around the world Smartphone Operating System at Mobility Industry, it is the Android OS.

Microsoft is facing tough competitors this year, including Apple MacBooks, IOS devices and the other various services that Apple provide is better than Microsoft. Yes, Apple also having a tough years after Apple co-operate founder Steve Jobs passed away. Apple needed to breakthrough traditional designs of Apple devices to against competitors. By the way, Microsoft plays well, with the coverage of PC all around the world, connectivity between Windows Phone and Windows PC makes easier, PC suite free and convenient.

To improve quality of Windows Phone, Microsoft sponsors Sony, Huawei, Samsung and other various brands to help improve Windows Phone developments. Rumors said Panasonic also involved Windows Phone developments. For the biggest smartphone market coverage Samsung Mobile, Microsoft to pay 1.2 Billions for the Samsung ATIV series Windows Phone developments. Forwards by Sony, 500 Millions for the Sony VAIO series Windows Phone developments. Huawei Device also gets paid 600 Millions for the Windows Phone developments. As for the various brand will get paid 300 Millions.

Since that Android cut down default Browser last year, Android 4.4 KitKat software seems to be making Chrome as the default browser or Android hardware partners need to building up their own default browser. Microsoft with sponsoring supporting hardware partners to development Windows phone, the malware-free operating system is the biggest selling point for the Microsoft Windows Phone. Plus, with the Microsoft acquired Nokia Mobility technologies, Microsoft even improved intelligence of Smartphone photography, GPS navigation and other services.

Motorola Moto G, as a hardcore Nokia fans, I like Moto G. Motorola Moto G with lowest price of RM 798 16 GB version, quad-core processor and 4.5" HD display. It is more than enough for a daily driver. And the Android 4.4 KitKat, reported said it will be running smoothly even with 512 MB RAM. Clearly, Microsoft Windows Phone weaknesses always the hardware. Like previously Windows Phone 8 512 MB RAM the lowest specs to running Windows Phone 8 Operating System smoothly. But one thing we forgot, 512 MB RAM devices unable to install higher graphics games and apps. And one more thing, 8 GB of storage is not enough for Windows Phone. Hope to see Microsoft developing storage saver features by cut down the size of the games and apps acquired to install.  Otherwise, making bigger storage may increase the price of Windows Phone.

Written by Alex Loo.


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