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What did Nokia fans think about Normandy?

Well it's not surprise to see the Nokia Normandy leaked once again before its official announcement. The Normandy is expected to unveil at MWC 2014 next month in Barcelona.

Well, the surprising news is about the Android-powered Nokia device. The recent CES 2014 Nokia did not rent a branch in the show but rent a space at road side, having a free Lumia event to promote their products.

But the news went to the headlines, the Nokia Normandy. The mid-range dual-SIM with a unique UI smartphone, no idea about this phone with a back key, how did we uses this UI as our daily drive? Although it is mid-range specs but not a flagship device, so the materials looks like current Nokia Asha device, including the user interface believes by using swipe UI to perform daily use.

Well, I am using Android for few years, and here is my thoughts about Nokia Normandy:

1) Exclusive app will be ported - With the open source Android OS, any people or any developers able to grabbing system apps from any manufacturer and ports into other phones. With the Nokia Normandy, developing Nokia exclusive apps with Android version may breaking down Nokia Lumia series because almost 50% of worldwide smartphone users is Android OS, when you can using Nokia apps, then you don't need buy a Nokia Phone.

2) The Specs not high enough - Chinese manufacturer Lenovo did RM 399/$99 smartphone with bigger screen and quad-core processor. The latest entry-level smartphone A369 with dual-SIM, 5 MP camera and bigger screen, it actually able to compete with Nokia Normandy. With the pricing, specs and designs, Nokia Normandy needs a bigger screen, higher specs and also better resolution, to shows Nokia Normandy is worthy and efficiently launching their first hit.

3) The Impressions - Nokia with earlier experiences of Symbian OS, users may not unacceptable about Nokia's weakness. With the Nokia WP7 experiences, more people felt upset and exhaust about lacks of younger OS, So do with MeeGo too, cut down after it is popular, WHY? So with Nokia Normandy, for an ordinary Nokia fans, they hopefully Nokia should uses Android OS. So if Nokia cut down Nokia Normandy supports? Imagine, there are too many smartphone shops still unable to selling their N9, their Lumia 800 even it has been 2 years. The smartphone Shop will not selling Nokia Normandy if Nokia did like this once again. To replenishing the broken market, Nokia should goes from the people who selling the phones, maybe redraw older Nokia phone replace with new Nokia Normandy, just like Ninetology did. Trade in older Nokia phone with buying new Nokia Normandy, it is great start for Nokia Android.

4) Mocking Android too much - With earlier Nokia Lumia line ups, the advertisements and commercials badly mocking Android devices is a "not-so-good" device. Like "have a break, have a...." image, and Nokia Lumia fans also belives Lumia WP8 is the best OS they have. With the Nokia Normandy appearance, Nokia Android seems like slapping their own fans. Nokia Lumia fans spending time and money to prove their friends to use Nokia Lumia, it seems like Lumia is a exclusive phone that better than others.

Written by Alex Loo.

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