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Motorola holds an event on 25th February at MWC 2014

Motorola officially sent out a invitation today. From the invitation, we saw a girl at the left sides is holding a Moto X, so Motorola may announce the Moto X successor, the Moto X2 on 25th February in Barcelona.

Moto X was available in American and European markets only but after Lenovo aquired Motorola from Google, the Moto X2 may available in other country, such as China, Australia, maybe Malaysia too.

There's no official word yet whether what device will be official, but it seems that the successor of Moto X might just debut in MWC 2014.

No word yet on the specs of the Moto X2 but we expect it will be having a larger display, faster processor and better camera. Be sure to stay tuned as we will bring you the latest news of MWC 2014.

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