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Apple Watch delayed for February

Back at its announcement event in September, Apple announced its Watch will be available early 2015, but recent events lead Rosenblatt Securities analyst Brain Blair to believe that the company is having production issues. As a result, the Apple Watch would not go into production until January 2015, at the earliest.

Due to the delay, its quite realistic to expect the Apple Watch to launch by February next year although in limited quantities. The main suppliers for the watch's components will be able to produce enough parts for about 15 million units. All of them are going to be made by Quanta, one of Apple's partners in the Watch's production.

Blair believes that if there is demand for the Apple Watch, then Apple can turn up production to about 20 to 25 million units. Apple has announced that the entry level Apple watch would cost $349, but no other pricing details have been released as of yet.

This is in conflict with long-time Apple analyst John Gruber who believes that the Watch Edition will retail for at least $1,999. The Apple Watch with stainless steel and sapphire glass is alleged to start at $999.

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