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iPhone 6 selling like hot cakes, iOS 8 transition slow

How bad were the issues with iOS 8.0.1? Perhaps as bad as the case with the iOS 5 release a couple of years back, when many people downloaded the hefty 800 MB update only to find out it won't install (failing with an unhelpful "error 3200"). And they had to use an updated iTunes which made things even more frustrating.

iOS 6 and 7 reached 50% adoption in a little over a week after they launched, with iOS users all changing over relatively quickly. Meanwhile iOS 8 is staying closer to the iOS 5 trajectory and is currently under 40% nearly three weeks after its introduction. Of course, the issues with iOS 8.0.1 saw many people hold off on updating but update 8.0.2 has fixed said issues. People are probably watching with bated breath just in case any more issues show up.

In related news, public adoption of the brand new iPhones have been very contrasting. While adoption of the iPhone 6 have skyrocketed crossing the 2% mark in just over 5 days, the iPhone 6 plus adoption rates are closer to last year's 5C. To be fair to the 5.5'' iPhone it has suffered from availability issues which have no doubt contributed to the slow sales.

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