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GadgetMTech Tips: How to solve brown strips effect on PadFone S camera

Asus users normally will encounter a big problem when capturing indoor image - brown strips effect. We believe that everyone is frustrated about this problem, but do you know you can actually solve this problem? Hence, today we are going to show you how to solve this problem on your Asus smartphone. Before you continue reading it, please be noted that the device we're using is PadFone S, it may applicable to several Asus devices, but not all.

To solve the brown strips effect, there's no root needed or any modification on your phone. All you need to do is open up your camera app and head over to the settings.

As you can see from the screenshot above, you need to click the anti-flicker section and change the frequency to 50 Hz. By default the frequency is set at 60 Hz.

Here are a few samples of indoor images with 60 Hz and 50 Hz anti-flicker:
60 Hz

50 Hz

And there you have it! The brown strips effect has solved after changing the frequency from 60 Hz to 50 Hz. So now you can enjoy capturing image with your Asus device.

The Asus PadFone S is currently the flagship device from the company. It is only priced at RM 899, while the PadFone Station is sold separately at RM 499. Meanwhile, you may check out our unboxing of it at here. Stay tuned for more coverage of the PadFone S.

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