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Sony may built a 6.44" phablet to challenge Note II and Ascend Mate

 6.44-inch Sony device leaked

Sony just unveil the 5" Full HD display phone, and now its time to built a phablet. We just received a news that Sony may built a 6.44" Full HD display smartphone to challenge Note II and Ascend Mate. If the images proves to be true, then we could see a new phablet challenger out.

No actual means of verifying the image although this looks very much like a traditional production line leak, given the sterile-looking background and protective gloves. The screen is certainly large as well, though its actual size is hard to determine.

This coming MWC will this phablet unveils? We still not sure yet, but we think that it won't possible to unveil at upcoming MWC, maybe IFA 2013 or others. So, what will it named if it unveils, Xperia X? Stay tuned for our blog to see whether this phablet will be announces in the future a not?

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