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iPhone 5C hands-on video appeared on web

Just less than 24 hours then Apple will revealed in latest iPhone, but CTech already posted a 15 second video of the iPhone 5C. The video shows the device being unlocked, a quick peek at the app launcher and then the browser.

iPhone 5C

Although the video is just in 15 second, but we can see that the iPhone 5C is very smooth. Rumors said that iPhone 5C will replace iPhone 5 after it launched.

Here's the video:

Apple's event is just less than 24 hours away, the event will certainly bring the iPhone 5S. There's a probability that the iPhone 5C will appear and only an outside chance that the cheaper smartphone will be China-exclusive and appear at Apple's event on 11th of September.

Stay tuned as we will bring to you the latest news of next generation iPhone.


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