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Windows Phone 8 users are able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 is the next big update we are itching for and has been rumored to arrive this Spring, alongside the Update 1 for Windows 8.1. According to a new report, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone 8 users will be able to update to Windows Phone 8.1, avoiding the chaos that was created with the transition from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8.With any new smartphone operating system update, we begin to worry if the update is backwards compatible with our current smartphone. In this case, will Windows Phone 8.1 be compatible on smartphones running Windows Phone 8? Microsoft promises that current Windows Phone 8 users should be able to update with ease. "We will not have the same experience as we had when Windows Phone 7 was upgraded to Windows Phone 8," Windows Phone director of public relations, Greg Sullivan, stated during an interview at CES today.Those who were on Windows Phone 7 experienced quite the opposite when upgrading to Windows Phone 8, but Sullivan touts Windows Phone 8's ability to support upgrades. "We won't run out of head space on Windows Phone 8 any time soon," Sullivan said.

With the reports said, he current users WP8 able to upgrade into latest WP8.1. With the more details about the update, believed it will be starting at April 2014. The upgrade lineups may including 512RAM of devices like Nokia lumia 520, 620, 625 or HTC 8S and so on. By the way, WP8 devices with lower specs may not advance to above WP8.1, maybe. With the launching of Lumia 1520, quad core processors and 2GB RAM, the top dog specs may supporting the next WP8.1 above version of Windows Phone OS version.

So, with the price lower than others flagship devices, 6 inches 1080P screen Lumia 1520 maybe is the best ever Windows Phone.


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